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Corporate Overview

The Alinabal Group of Companies

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Corporate Management and Administration

President and Chief Executive Officer Samuel S. Bergami, Jr.
Chief Financial Officer Kevin M. Conlisk
Vice President Paul M. Kelley
General Manager-MTD
Thomas Crowley

Corporate Staff

Manager of Information Technology Cheryl Lemos 
Manager of Corporate Facilities James O'Brien
Manager for Continuous Improvement Brian Jones
Controller Brian Wood
Director of Human Resources Steve Bennett

Alinabal is a broadly diversified manufacturer with history reaching as far back as 1913 when it supplied laminated materials for the Model T Ford.

Today, through its four distinct business units, Alinabal is a leading manufacturer of a diverse span of products from precision stampings and assemblies, spherical rod end bearing and linkage assemblies, as well as special purpose printers, aircraft instrumentation and advanced optical shutters.

Alinabal Holding Corporation

For over a decade The Alinabal Group of Companies has enjoyed substantial growth as a result of our relentless commitment to continuous improvement. This performance has been recognized by countless OEM's and other world-class organizations from around the globe.

Currently Alinabal has over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space in four modern facilities, employing approximately 400 people. Combined with our progressive management team and industry leading experience, we are well positioned for future growth through quality manufacturing, innovative thinking and advanced information/communication capabilities.

Key Corporate Characteristics

  • Non-union workforce
  • Low employee turnover, averaging 14 years of service
  • Global partnerships
  • Lean management/manufacturing - relentless pursuit to reduce waste/cost


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Alinabal Inc. | The Alinabal Group of Companies | Achieving Excellence Worldwide