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CONNSTEP Success Stories

Process Improvement Yields $100,000 in Cost Savings

October 2017

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Alinagram - June 2017

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CAM Software Improves Productivity, Lead Times

December 2009

Implementing Mastercam CAM software has enabled this manufacturer to improve productivity and lead time despite limited staffing resources. December 2009

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Alinabal Goes Green

December 2009

Going Green Can Save Thousands, Co. President Says

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Alinabal Receives Award from the Milford Chamber of Commerce

51st Annual Meeting
Milford Chamber of Commerce 2005 Awards of Distinction

Alinabal is a highly diversified, global provider of Spherical Rod End Bearings, Connecting Linkages and Assemblies, Precision Stampings, Complex Mechanical Assemblies, Special Purpose Printers, Optical Shutters and Aircraft Instrumentation through its four distinct strategic business units.

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Minnie Mouse and the U.S. Military Share Balls

Connecticut Filter, June 2005

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PDF: Striving For Excellence

The Manufacturer, August 2003

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Designing the Future

Connecticut Post, May 2002

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Right First Time, Every Time

The Manufacturer, October 2001

Continuous improvement is a simple philosophy but a difficult task, as Colin Browning found out when he talked to the top team at the Alinabal Group.

Manufacturing as a business is under pressure across all the countries of the industrialized world. High domestic labor costs and stiff competition, both locally and from the emerging economies, have combined to make the operating environment 'interesting' to say the least. This is not to say that there is not money to be made and success to be had, it just requires a little more hard work than it used to. One of those that enjoy this challenge is the Alinabal Group, based in Milford, Connecticut.

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