New Product Introduction

Single-Source NPI Support from Co-Design through Delivery

Proven Ability to Launch New Products Faster

Count on Alinabal to accelerate your new product introduction while maintaining excellence at every stage of the process. From efficiently sourcing materials to precise part development and validation – trust our in-house expertise to launch your products to market faster.

From Roadmap to Commercialization

The Go/No Go Product Decision

Plan your project effectively to save time, money and resources.

  • Specification of Customer Requirements
  • Product Ideation + Conception
  • Technology + Market Assessments
  • Project Attractiveness, Risk/Reward Matrix
  • Product Definition & Feasibility
  • Initial Project Plan + Financial Model

Product Design & Development

Ensure design and technical requirements meet exacting specifications.

  • Design Development
  • Feasibility Assessment + Technical Review
  • Safety/Regulatory Compliance
  • Materials Specification
  • Supply Chain Plan
  • Updated Financial Model

Preproduction & Prototyping

Confirm product viability prior to allocating implementation resources.

  • Prototype Build + Functionality testing
  • Technical Review/FMEA
  • Customer Feedback + Supplier Input
  • Resolve Quality Issues
  • Manufacturing Process Design
  • Short-Run/Prototype Manufacturing

Design & Process Validation

Establish ability to produce high-quality products to customer and regulatory requirements.

  • Design Validation Testing (DVT)
  • Finalize Design Documentation
  • Production Demand Specification
  • External Testing, Review & Validation Processes
  • Safety & Regulatory Compliance Reporting

Manufacturing for Commercialization

Produce Optimal Outcomes: Production Efficiencies, Scale and On-time Delivery.

  • Finalize Manufacturing Build + Production Training
  • Begin Factory Production of Product
  • Robust Production Monitoring, Quality Inspections, Testing
  • Data Accumulation + Aggregation
  • Ongoing Supply Chain Management
  • Capture Lessons Learned for Continuous Improvement Opportunities

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