Self-Aligning Molded Bearing Assemblies

Specialty, In-House Bearing Assembly

Experience elite motion transfer with Alinabal’s Self-Aligning Molded Bearing Assembly (SAMBA). Access the industry’s only single-source solution for this high-performance mechanical assembly that combines a precision metal bearing and molded, reinforced polymer race. SAMBA’s unique design provides numerous customer benefits including cost-efficiency and durability compared to traditional rod end or spherical bearings.

Self-aligning bearings conform to misalignments and function optimally even when shafts or housings are misaligned, minimizing wear and tear. Self-lubricating plastic races are a high-quality metal substitute, reducing friction and ensuring smooth mechanical operation. These components are resistant to environmental corrosives, absorbing higher impacts than metal and requiring low maintenance.

Alinabal’s Self-Aligning Molded Bearing Assembly (SAMBA) provides a lightweight, high-performance solution for rugged operations. Our in-house manufacturing quickly delivers specialty mechanical assemblies with superior control and durability.

Complete, Specialty Mechanical Assembly In-House

Use our polymer race and specialty metal bearing assembly to lightweight your applications, eliminate noise, save energy costs or improve your material footprint’s sustainability.

Eliminate your need for separate suppliers and streamline your installation process with complete, self-aligning bearing assemblies. Work with us to leverage control of engineering, machining, stamping and molding to quickly deliver a solution to your exacting requirements.

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