Rugged Solutions for Military Systems & Equipment

Specialized Metal Components for Military

When it comes to executing key requirements for Military manufacturing contracts, you need a partner with demonstrated experience and excellence from engineering through end use. For decades, Alinabal has maintained strong partnerships with Military suppliers who depend on our specialty metals expertise, unique manufacturing capabilities and total quality management of mission-critical parts. We leverage broad in-house competencies to specify a range of quick, cost-effective solutions to provide long-lasting devices, equipment and systems that elevate the confidence of those whose lives depend on us. Support your operations with Alinabal’s specialized expertise in rugged metal components, built to withstand tough conditions and provide dependable strength in application.

Featured Solutions

From precision laminated mounts and custom shims to actuators and complex electromechanical assemblies, Alinabal is your point of access for specialized metal components and assemblies designed to support your mission’s success and protect Military end-users from the harshest battlefield environments.



Cost-effective at high volumes with consistent quality.

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Custom Laminations & Stack


Tight tolerances for accurate alignment and adjustments.LEARN MORE
Military Sheet & Stock

Sheets and Stock

A range of raw materials custom fabricated to your needs.LEARN MORE



Lightweight and high strength for demanding structural applications.

Wind Turbine

Wind-Driven Turbine Alternators

Reliable, high-performance turbine alternators for shells, bombs and missiles.LEARN MORE

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Specialized Products for Military Equipment & Systems

Alinabal’s DACO Instruments is the leading manufacturer of value-added Military products including advanced laser shutters, rotary solenoid devices and aircraft instrumentation. Gain hands-on engineering support, adapted to your unique requirements.

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