Custom Rod Ends & Ball Joints

Specialized Mechanical Components & Assemblies

Rod ends and spherical bearings can be designed and adapted to transmit motion in the preferred direction across virtually any mechanical application. Design your custom rod ends and spherical bearings faster and outperform the toughest mechanical requirements with Alinabal’s in-house experience and capabilities.

From simple modifications to brand-new design concepts, we customize male and female units in a variety of materials, conditions and sizes.

Unique rod end and spherical bearing components and assemblies precision-engineered with diverse materials, sizes and value-added features for every motion transfer need.

Experienced, Value-Added Motion Technology Manufacturing

Specify your variations in shank or stud length and ball bore dimensions. Include plain or rolling elements and tolerancing. Leverage precision welding, stamping or steel-bending processes to achieve exact forms.

Access stainless steel stock, coating and plating solutions for enhanced resistance to corrosives. For applications that require protection from contamination, gain Alinabal’s unmatched expertise in manufacturing sealed rod ends with rubber or synthetic materials to maximize your products’ useful life.

Full-Service, Specialty Mechanical Assemblies

We manufacture custom rod end and spherical bearing assemblies and subcomponents in-house. This includes plastic races and housings with external or internal threads or an outer diameter ball installed.

Deep, in-house expertise in motion technologies strengthens your supply chain and elevates product performance in operation. Work with a full-service partner to efficiently customize precision rod ends and spherical bearings to excel in unique applications.

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