Connecting Linkages

Custom Links & Linkage Assemblies

Alinabal engineers and manufactures thousands of custom linkages and assemblies to supply seamless transfer of motion, torque and force across applications. Outperform your mechanical requirements with specialized expertise in engineering linkage technologies for commercial aircraft, off-road vehicles, hospital equipment and more.

Connecting linkages manufactured for precise motion transfer. Trust our expertise in engineering custom links for strength, durability & biocompatibility across Aerospace, Medical and more.

Precision Mechanical Component Manufacturing

Alinabal’s specialty metal linkages are designed for precise movement and low friction, promoting smooth operation and energy efficiency across demanding mechanical applications. Whether you need a fixed or adjustable length, straight or bent shape or a misaligning member, we customize links with unmatched precision by leveraging a suite of advanced capabilities including 3D CNC bending, milling, molding, welding, cold forming and upset forging.

Motion Transfer & Specialty Metal Expertise

Elevate confidence with our proven linkage applications including stabilizer and bar links, engine shifts and steering systems. Improve products’ durability, resistance to corrosion, weight-to-strength ratios and more key performance characteristics with links fabricated from specialty alloys.

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